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No, it’s not your everyday Home Inspector License bill. In typical Illinois snake politics fashion, gun control has been rammed through under the guise of an amendment to the Home Inspector License bill HB0562. While law-abiding citizens wait well over a YEAR for their FOID cards, just to get the government’s permission to purchase and/or possess firearms and ammunition, lawmakers decided to come up with a list of new infringements. You know, because they can’t even keep up with the current ones.  While I throw up due to my disgust of this state and its constant violations of the Second Amendment, let’s take a look at what is in this bill. These bullet points are taken from the bill itself, my comments excluded.

  1. Implement a system to share information with Federal, State, or local law enforcement agencies, including offices of the State’s Attorneys and the Offices of the Attorney General to capture a report of persons whose FOIDs have been revoked or suspended
  1. Eliminates private transfer/sales of firearms.
    • Requires any person who receives any firearm, stun gun, or taser from a person that is not an FFL dealer to submit the record of transfer within 10 days of the transfer.
      1. No longer required to personally keep transfer documents but the FFL must keep the record for 20 years.
      2. Oh yeah, and they will charge you no more that $25 for this documentation.
    • Starting Jan 1st, 2024 anyone who is not an FFL dealer, before buying/selling/transferring a firearm, must contact the ISP with the FOID information and complete a search of criminal history records, FBI records, NICS, and Department of Human Services relating to mental health and developmental disabilities to obtain felony conviction information or hospitalization information which would disqualify someone from owning a firearm or getting a FOID.
  1. Gives the option to submit fingerprints for your FOID (not mandatory that I can see so far)
  1. Provides that your FOID card cannot expire during the term of your CCL
  1. Allows the ISP to deny an application or revoke a FOID if the ISP discovers the applicant or person had at the time of application or currently has a civil no contact order or a stalking no contact order.
  2. If a person has a FOID and CCL and becomes subject to suspension or revocation under the CCL Act, but is otherwise eligible to have a FOID, the ISP shall ensure the FOID status is not impacted (Riiiiiiiiiiiight)
  1. Creates expanded rulemaking authority for the ISP concerning the FOID and CCL Acts. (WTF so we are giving the ISP power over making law now!? This currently works out really great with the ATF and firearm owners!)
  1. ISP will monitor relevant State and Federal databases for firearms prohibitors and correlate those records with CCL holders

As always, be safe, be comfortable, be confident!